Committees & Structure

Pittsburgh DSA is funded and run by our members. Our chapter structure consists of an elected Coordinating Committee made up of four elected officers and seven at-large members, in addition to numerous committees and working groups focused on internal and external projects.


Becca Tasker, Communications Coordinator
Lindsey Disler, Membership Coordinator
Emma Lefavor, Secretary
Owen Kahn, Treasurer

Jason Bolton, Member At-Large
Angela Flowers, Member At-Large
David Greve, Member At-Large
Kareem Kandil, Member At-Large
Stefan Sidelnick, Member At-Large
Carl Redwood, Member At-Large


Abolition & Anti-Imperialism. Communications. Database. Ecosocialism. Electoral. Finance. Health Justice. Housing. Internal Organizing. Labor. Political Education. Queer Socialism. Socialist Feminism.