Committees & Structure

Pittsburgh DSA is funded and run by our members. Our chapter structure consists of an elected Steering Committee made up of four elected officers and at-large Steering Committee members; three subcommittees maintained by the Steering Committee and open to all members; and numerous committees and working groups focused on various types of projects both internal and external.


Arielle Cohen, co-chair
Adam Shuck, co-chair
Mike Antonacci, secretary
Kevin McGinnis, treasurer

Em Fear, at-large
Ang Flowers, at-large
David Greve, at-large
Candice Hopes, at-large
Daniel Moraff, at-large



Communications. Manages all communications, including email, social media, press releases, newsletters, design, and printing.
Chairs: Arielle Cohen and Adam Shuck

Internal Organizing. Manages the internal Mobilizer system, data entry, advanced querying, and the database.
Chair: Mike Antonacci

Finance. Manages fundraising and maintaining membership goals, and assists with the development of budgets for committees and subcommittees, campaigns, and events.
Chair: Kevin McGinnis



Agitprop. Anti-Imperialism. Bylaws. Eco-Socialism. Electoral & Pittsburgh DSA PAC. Health Justice. Housing. Labor. Political Education. Prisons and Policing. Socialist Feminism.