Community Services

Pittsburgh DSA has prided itself in providing and maintaining community services to the city since it’s founding in 2017. We seek to help out our community in several different ways. These are just some of the few examples of what we do:

  • Free Food Pantry- since 2017 the Ecosocialist Committee has maintained a free food pantry around our headquarters in Wilkinsburg. Members of the chapter donate money, food, and hygiene products to allow the committee to stock it weekly.

    Our Ecosocialist Committee has also in conjunction with the Socialist Feminist Committee stocks a free food pantry at the Planned Parenthood Health Center in Downtown. Plans for more pantries are always in the works!
  • Community Garden- Also down the street of our free pantry, our Ecosocialist Committee also maintains a few beds for the Stone Soup Community Garden. Since 2018 the committee grows produce to give out for free to the surrounding the neighborhood. Along the way the committee hopes to increase awareness of the garden and educate the community in how to grow their own produce.
  • Brake Light Clinic- Abolition and Anti-Imperialism Committee organizes the Brake Light Clinic event when it can. The project is to provide a space for cars to get their brake lights replaced and in turn prevent an unnecessary confrontation with the police.
  • Abortion Fundraising- Every year the Socialist Feminist Committee hosts several fundraising events to provide funds to Western PA Fund For Choice. This fundraising provides abortion access to communities all around Western PA, Ohio, and West Virginia.
  • Education Events- our chapter provides multiple ways to educate the community through forums, night schools, or roundtable discussions. Whether it is the Ecosocialist Committee inviting various local activists to talk about the environmental issues in the region. Or the Labor Committee hosting roundtable discussions on union organizing. Providing education is one of our most important community services.
  • Gunshot Clinic- Our chapter works in coalition with orgs/groups that provide gunshot wound safety training.
  • Childcare- whether it is a PGH DSA event, another org’s event or a coalition event, the Pittsburgh DSA will seek to provide childcare services. Our Socialist Feminist Committee provides training and organizes to have volunteers when a childcare request is submitted. These volunteers not only receive training and resources, but also receive proper clearances to provide childcare.