How to Join!

All dues-paying members in good standing of the Democratic Socialists of America national organization who live within the Pittsburgh metro area (excluding Beaver and Lawrence Counties, which are Steel Valley DSA) are considered to be full members of the Pittsburgh local chapter.

Before you do, if you need to see if your ZIP Code is in Pittsburgh DSA jurisdiction? Click here! 

If you are in the Pittsburgh DSA jurisdiction follow these steps:

  1. First you must sign on to dues the National Organization which you can do by going on the national DSA membership page.
    1. If you are unable to pay dues to National you can fill out a Dues Waiver Form. To fill out a dues waiver  request form click this link
  2. After you pay dues (both annual and monthly options are available), you will receive a confirmation email from the National Org welcoming you to the DSA.
  3. Forward this email to, you will then be onboarded onto slack, the chapter’s main internal communication tool where the chapter and it’s committee’s plan events, meetings, actions, etc.
  4. Congrats you are officially a member of the Pittsburgh DSA!

The Pittsburgh DSA’s funding is entirely by our members and grassroots donations. Want to help support our work? Make a donation—or set up a monthly contribution—today

If you’d like to become a DSA member but cannot afford any of the membership options, please contact us at

Join DSA!

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic DSA is allowing members to fill out a dues waiver form. This will allow comrades to be a part of the org without adding more financial burden in these troubling times. To fill out a dues waiver  request form click this link:

If you’re not ready to join but would like to learn more about us and what we do, check out our Facebook , Instagram, or Twitter pages. Also, sign up for our email list! Finally, come get to know us at one of our general meetings or other public events!