Candidates seeking Pittsburgh DSA’s endorsement should begin our endorsement application process by filling out the form below. We will follow up shortly thereafter to send you our questionnaire.

Please be aware that we have a thorough endorsement process (you can read the process voted on by our membership here), including a questionnaire, possibly an interview, and then if a committee of members formed to review your application and questionnaire recommends endorsement, you’d be invited to speak and answer questions at a chapter-wide meeting where our members would vote.

We know that is a lengthy process. Our members believe that a Pittsburgh DSA endorsement should mean more than just another name on a list of organizations that endorse you.

We view our endorsement as a commitment to boots on the ground grassroots organizing. For example, in the 2019 election cycle, while the results did not go our way, our members worked hard to talk with voters, making 11k calls, sending 20k texts, and knocking 10k doors between a city council race and a school board race.

As a socialist, member-run, member-funded organization our capacity is limited, and there are many ways to build power for the working class. So our members will want to learn more about your positions, your candidacy, and whether putting our organizing energy and resources into electing you will help advance the goals of our chapter and campaigns when we decide if we’re going to put a whole lot of our energy into your campaign.

Fill out this form if you want to start the application process for the Pittsburgh DSA endorsement.