The Coordinating Committee- What they are and what they do

The Coordinating Committee is composed of several officer positions that perform the administrative duties of the chapter. As well as responding to inquires and requests of the general body of the chapter. This page looks to break down the different positions and explain their roles in a clear and simple way.

For a more in depth look at the CC consider reading through the chapter bylaws

Members At Large

The Members at Large (MAL) rotate the responsibilities of chair for the coordinating committee meeting along with chairing the General Meeting of the same month. When not chairing the MAL is to vote on matters brought forth during the Coordinating Committee meeting.

Communications Coordinator
The Communications coordinator is the person responsible for the internal and external comms of the chapter. To maintain those comms duties, they preside over the Communications Committee as well as give assistance to committees on comms related issues. Finally they also handle the task of responding to press inquiries.

Membership Coordinator
The Membership Coordinator oversees the internal organizing committee and is in charge of keeping track of the membership list and member engagement. The internal organizing committee oversees projects like membership drives, setting up social events, mapping projects, mentorship programs, and boosting member engagement.

The Secretary takes the minutes for the Coordinating Committee and General Business Meetings and oversees the Data Committee. The Data committee keeps track of the member database and maintains it to keep it as up to date as possible. The Data Committee also takes requests from other standing committees in all data related inquiries.

The treasurer is responsible for the funds and financial records of the Local. They prepare an annual budget and give a report at the local convention. The treasurer also oversees the finance committee which looks at all current fiscal situations within the chapter. The treasurer also checks on the finances of the chapter store as well as any tax issues that may arise.