Statement on Air Strikes Against Syria

To look at the situation in Syria and believe that the solution is more bombs is barbarous. Military interventions by the United States have never benefited the civilians of the country violated. There are no “precise” air strikes. When children see tear gas canisters and remnants of shells, they see “Made in the USA.” When refugees try to flee from death and destruction, the doors to America are slammed in their faces.

When the United States struck Syria last year, weapons manufacturers gained nearly $5 billion. Where does this money end up? Not in the pockets of the American people; surely not in aid packages to the people whose lives these weapons destroyed. While these billions each year go to more bombs for us to drop on Syria, cities like Flint, Michigan and Pittsburgh do not even have the basic infrastructure to provide safe drinking water to its citizens.

We condemn these attacks on Syria and on imperial wars worldwide. We demand an end to wars for profit fought by and against the poor. No war but class war!

— Pittsburgh DSA Anti-Imperialism Committee